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Updated on July 8, 2023

In today's world, with Internet speeds increasing every day, video content is becoming more accessible to millions of users. YouTube, the largest online video sharing platform, offers a wide variety of content ranging from entertaining videos to educational tutorials. However, if you want to save and enjoy these engaging videos offline, knowing how to download them from YouTube is essential. This guide will show you simple and effective ways to quickly download your favorite YouTube videos so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

This guide is written for the Mac, but all the steps are the same for Windows and Ubuntu/Linux.

Download for other platforms

  1. Find a video

    Use your favorite web browser to find a video on YouTube. Then right-click it and copy the link to the clipboard. You can also drag and drop the video link onto the application window.

    Copy YouTube video link
  2. Paste URL (link)

    Open YouTube Downloader, or switch to it if it's already running, and click on the Paste link button on the toolbar. The video clip will be added to the download list and the application will retrieve and display information about it.

    Paste the link into YouTube Downloader
  3. Choose output format

    To change the output format, click the middle button on the toolbar. In the new window you will see formats and settings for video and audio download modes. Saving in original quality (without conversion) is the fastest method.

    Select output format and quality
  4. Video or Audio?

    You can choose audio only, or video download mode, by using the switch.

    Audio/Video download switch
  5. Select download folder

    By default the app saves downloaded clips in the Downloaded by MediaHuman subfolder, in your Movies folder (if you're saving videos) or in the Music folder (if you're saving audios). You can change this in the application's Preferences. To do this simply click on the small gear icon and select Preferences in the menu. Switch to the Music output or Video output tab to change the folder for your downloads.

    Change application settings
  6. Start downloading

    Now everything is ready to start downloading. To download a single video clip click on the Start button next to it. To download all added videos click on the Start all button on the toolbar.

    Download a YouTube video clip
  7. Downloading

    Take a break while the download is in progress. While the program is downloading, you can still add more videos to the download queue.

  8. Finish

    Once your videos have downloaded, click the Locate button to access the downloaded file.

    Locate the downloaded file
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