How to download a YouTube video directly to iTunes/

This is easier than you think. Basically, you need to download a video from YouTube and then upload it to iTunes ( on macOS Catalina). The problem is that YouTube and iTunes/ are not exactly compatible with each other. And this is where you need our YouTube Downloader. With it, you can easily upload any given YouTube videos to iTunes/ in just a few simple steps. Here they are:

This guide has been written using the Mac version of the program, but the steps for Windows or Linux are the same

Download for other platforms

  1. Find the clip you want on YouTube

    In your browser, open YouTube and locate the video you want. Copy its URL to the clipboard.

    Copy the URL of video you want to download
  2. Add the copied URL to YouTube Downloader

    Run YouTube Downloader or +Tab on Mac (Alt+Tab on Windows) to it and paste the URL into the program using the corresponding button on the toolbar:

    Paste link to video you want to download

    You can add multiple videos the same way.

  3. Make quick configuring

    Now we need to tell the program that we want to upload those YouTube clips to iTunes. Click the Preferences icon at the bottom of the window and choose Preferences from the menu. Go to the Video output tab.

    Enable add to iTunes option

    Set the Add to iTunes options as shown above. Close the Preferences window.

  4. Watch the magic!

    Everything is ready, so just click the Start button on the toolbar to process all videos at once, or click individual buttons next to each video if you want to download only this given clip.

    Start downloading video

    Now, the program will download the videos from YouTube and put them into iTunes library automatically converting all necessary settings along the way. Isn’t that magic?

  5. You’re done!

    We have successfully downloaded YouTube videos to iTunes with minimum hassle. If you want to open the local copies of the downloaded files, click the magnifier icon near a video. Good luck!

    Locate downloaded file

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