How to convert WavPack to MP3

The WavPack format was developed as an attempt to offer a compromise between lossy and lossless audio formats. The file WV/WVC format is actually a package of two files: a lossy playable compressed audio and a "correction" – the data required to turn lossy audio back to lossless. Unfortunately, not so many players can actually read WavPack, so their owners have to find a way to convert WavPack to MP3. And that is why we decided to prepare a quick tutorial showing how to convert files from WavPack to the MP3 format.

This guide has been written using the Mac version of the program, but the steps for Windows are the same

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  1. Add a WavPack file

    We need MediaHuman Audio Converter application, so download it and install as usual first. In the program, click the Add button on the toolbar and select the WavPack source you want to convert to MP3. You can also use drag and drop for this.

    Add WavPack files you want to convert
  2. Choose the output format

    Look at the Format button on the toolbar. The label says the output format of the conversion. So if it says anything other than MP3, click it and select the desired format. Or click the arrow to see the last used output formats.

    Select MP3 format
  3. Configure conversion

    MP3 quality depends on sample rate, bitrate and the number of channels. Select the quality you need form one of standard options, or customize your own with the Customize button. Note that the program saves your choice, so you can use it again and again later.

    Set additional format settings
  4. Run conversion

    Now click the Convert button and wait for the process to be finished.

    Begin WavPack conversion
  5. How it works

    Audio Converter runs multiple simultaneous conversion processes utilizing all core your CPU has, providing the highest possible conversion performance. You can adjust the amount of resources you are willing to let Audio Converter to allocate in the Preferences window.

    Converting WavPack to MP3
  6. Conversion is done

    The process is complete. Take your newly created MP3, hot and tasty, just converted from WavPack. You can open the folder containing the file using the Locate button (the one with the magnifier).

    Use locate button to open containing folder

So, here is the answer to how to convert WavPack to MP3 easily. You need MediaHuman Audio Converter for this. The program can also convert other audio formats back and forth using the same steps.

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