How to download a Vimeo video

Vimeo is the second most popular video hosting right behind YouTube. And just like YouTube, it too suffers from the inability to easily download videos. Well, maybe the service itself does not suffer from that, but we, its humble users, do. So, what would you do if you desperately needed to download some videos from Vimeo?

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader provides a simple and 100% efficient answer even though the name of this nifty app mentions another video hosting service. Here is a very simple step-by-step you can follow every time you face this problem.

This guide has been written using the Mac version of the program, but the steps for Windows or Linux are the same

Download for other platforms

  1. Get the Video Downloader

    Download tthe program from our website and install it. This takes a minute or so.

  2. Locate a Vimeo video you want to save locally

    Open your browser and go to Search for a video you would like to download with MediaHuman YouTube Downloader. Then, copy the URL of this video to the clipboard.

    Copy link of Vimeo video to the clipboard
  3. Feed the URL to Video Downloader

    Open YouTube Downloader and paste the URL to Vimeo video using the Paste link button on the toolbar of the application. You should see the clip is added to the below list. Note that the information about the video is also displayed in the list.

    Paste link to Vimeo video
  4. Choose an output format

    MediaHuman YouTube Downloader supports a plethora of video formats to save Vimeo video to. The default option is to save the clip as it is, in the original MP4 format with original quality.

    Choose output format
  5. Video+Audio or Audio only

    Don't want the entire clip, but only its audio? Sure thing! See that slider button on the toolbar?

    Choose video or audio only mode
  6. Here we go! Download!

    You have successfully set up everything needed to download a video from Vimeo. Click the Start button next to the video to download it. Or, if you have added multiple videos, click the Start All button on the toolbar instead.

    Start Vimeo video downloading

    Now, as your video or videos are downloading, and you can continue working with the program: add new videos to the queue or view files that have been downloaded.

  7. Finished!

    Actually, you have spent more time reading this tutorial than it would actually take to do everything it describes. The video from Vimeo is already downloaded and now you can open the folder it is in by clicking the Locate button next to the video:

    Use Locate button to open containing folder
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