How to convert WMA to iTunes

Windows Media Audio or shortly WMA is an old popular audio format developed and popularized by Microsoft. Started as an alternative to MP3, WMA quickly advanced to higher quality (WMA Pro) and even to lossless compression (WMA lossless). The only drawback the format has – it can’t be played on Mac and iOS devices. No way.

But you can simply convert your WMA music collection to one of the native iTunes formats – AAC or ALAC using MediaHuman Audio Converter. The whole operation is just a few simple steps you can do in 3 minutes or less.

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  1. Open WMA files

    Run MediaHuman Audio Converter, then drag and drop all WMA files you want to add to iTunes to its window. You can also use the standard Open dialog by clicking the Add button on the toolbar.

    Add some WMA files to convert
  2. Select the output format

    Both ALAC and AAC are supported by iTunes as well as MP3, so you can choose any of them. To do this, simply click the format selection button on the toolbar to open the dialog shown below.

    Choose iTunes supported output format

    Note, you can also click the arrow on the button to open the list of last used audio formats.

  3. Configure additional output settings

    Open application's Preferences and choose the Output tab. Adjust the desired quality of the output format. You can either select from one of the pre-defined variants, or choose Custom to specify your own combination of bitrate and sampling frequency.

    Adjust output settings

    Turn on the Add to iTunes option to put your converted music directly to iTunes.

  4. Click Convert

    Believe us or not, but we are almost done. Click the Convert button to start the process. Depending on the number of selected files and conversion settings it may take a while.

    Start the conversion process
  5. Watch your WMA files converting

    And while you watch, let us remind you the MediaHuman Converter runs the conversion process using all available CPU cores accurately balancing the load between them for superior performance. Therefore, by the moment you finish reading this, the conversion to iTunes is probably already done. Go check!

  6. It’s done

    Congratulations! With minimum time and efforts you have successfully converted your WMA files to iTunes.

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