Convert MP4 video to MP3

Updated on January 9, 2023

Sometimes there is need to extract an audio track from a MP4 video file and save it in MP3 format. For example, to get the song from a music video. Or extract speech from educational videos, interviews or lectures to listen to it later. Here is a short tutorial on how to do it with our app.

This guide has been written using the Mac version of the program, but the steps for Windows are the same.

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  1. Add video file

    Run MediaHuman Audio Converter application and press Add button on toolbar to add video file (MP4 video in our example). Or you can simply drag'n'drop some files or folders from the file manager on the main window.

    Add some MP4 video files
  2. Select MP3 format

    Now you need to select MP3 as an output format. To do it press the corresponding button on the toolbar and select the format from the appeared dialog.

    Select MP3 as an output format
  3. Adjust additional format settings

    You can select among predefined MP3 settings or set up your own by choosing Custom menu item.

    Tweak additional format settings
  4. Start it

    Now we are ready to start the conversion. Press the last button on the toolbar and wait until it is processing. If you've changed your mind press it again to stop the conversion.

    Strart conversion process
  5. Complete

    It is done. You can locate the extracted audio file pressing the Locate button on the video item.

    Conversion is complete