Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to helping you to solve your problem as quickly as possible. We have gathered solutions to the most common problems and questions. However, the number one solution is to simply download and install the latest version.

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  1. I'm constantly getting Reference error: Wm is not defined
  2. "No such file or directory" error
  3. "No file or directory" error
  4. "Failed to query info. Check connectioin and try again." error
  5. "Protocol "" is unknown" error
  6. Error: all streams protected in this video
  7. Error: Read-only file system
  8. Stream connection: Unknown error
  9. How to locate my downloaded files?
  10. How to turn on iTunes import?
  11. It says X amount of mb skipped. Why?
  12. Source: Stream connection: Connection closed
  13. "Error: Forbidden" when trying to download playlist.
  14. Incorrect url: error when pasting link
  15. no access to iTunes: error message when Add to iTunes option is enabled
  16. Program loads heavily computer. It keeps on 100% usage.
  17. Where can I download the previous/old version?


  • Reference error: Wm is not defined

    This bug has been fixed in the version, plese consider updating.

  • "No such file or directory" error

    Check the Output folder specified in the Preferences. To do it open up the Preferences and switch to the Audio output tab. Next, specify a different output folder with a write access.

  • "No file or directory" error

    If you are using Ubuntu we recommend you to type the following command in Terminal:

    sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libmp3lame0 libavcodec-extra-53

    If you are using Windows or Mac OS then uninstall the current version, download the latest version from our site and install it.

  • "Failed to query info. Check connectioin and try again." error

    Check connection to in the application Preferences. Open Preferences and switch to the Network tab. There is a small indicator which displays connection status to YouTube server. It is located at the bottom left corner. If it's red then something is blocking an internet coonection. Check your firewall and antivirus or specify correct proxy settings.

  • "Protocol "" is unknown" error

    The content in the clipboard you are trying to paste is incorrect. Maybe you've copied some extra characters and the video link became broken. Try to drag'n'drop the link on the app window instead.

  • Error: all streams protected in this video

    This means that all streams in that video are DRM-protected and unable to be downloaded. You can read more about RTMP protocol and protected streams at Wikipedia.

  • Error: Read-only file system

    Probably you have set your output folder to the folder located on external drive/usb stick with NTFS file system. Mac OS X includes only read-only support for NTFS-formatted partitions. You can read more about NTFS at Wikipedia

  • Stream connection: Unknown error

    You can disable multiple connections. To do it open program's preferences. Then switch to "Network" tab. And set "Maximum connections per video" to 1.

  • How to locate my downloaded files?

    By default all files are saved to Downloaded by MediaHuman subfolder of your Music folder. To quickly open the contained folder of the downloaded file, right-click on it and select Locate saved file

  • How to turn on iTunes import?

    Open Preferences, it's located under the åsmall gear icon at the bottom left corner of application window. Next open the Audio output tab and choose desired iTunes options.

  • It says X amount of mb skipped. Why?

    This is a normal situation when Boost mode is enabled. It means that the app downloads only audio track skipping the video part. Output audio quality is the same but is saves a lot of traffic and time.

  • Error: Connection closed

    Try to enable safe download mode option in the Preferences->Network. It will reduce amount of connections to YouTube and prevent its ban.

  • Error: Forbidden

    Your playlist is private, so make it public before downloading or setup YouTube Authorization in the application Preferences

  • Incorrect URL:

    If you are using security software from Webroot, when you need to allow our app to access clipboard. To do so open SecureAnywhere -> Identity Protection -> Application protection and click on Allow near youtubetomp3.exe. You can read more in their FAQ.

  • no access to iTunes:

    This is one of those hard to reproduce bugs, but the majority of our users who were affected by this issue have reported that reinstalling iTunes fixes this bug.

  • 100% usage

    First of all, check your "Preferences". Switch to the "Download" tab and check for "Simultaneous downloads" option. Default value is 5, but you can decrease it to minimize CPU usage.

    Also, we recommend you to regulary clear the list of completed downloads. Huge list could cause this problem sometimes. To clear the list click on the Broom icon at the bottom left corner of the application window and select Remove completed.

  • The previous/old versions

    We don't recommend using the previous/old versions, however you can get them on that page

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