Download YouTube playlist or channel

A lot of interesting and topical information on YouTube is combined into playlists and channels. Because it is very convenient for YouTube users. But what if you want to view it offline? Here is a short tutorial showing you how to download and save all videos from YouTube playlist or channel in highest quality possible (4K, HD, HQ, whatever).

Get for another supported OS or download option

  1. Download and Install

    Download and install the latest version of MediaHuman YouTube Downloader. It's available for Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu/Linux.

  2. Copy link

    Copy the link in browser. It can be a channel, playlist or video contained in the playlist. In our example it's a video from one of VEVO's playlists.

    Copy playlist link
  3. Paste link

    Run YouTube Downloader and paste the link by pressing the first button on the toolbar or using paste hotkey (Cmd-V on Mac, Ctrl-V on Windows and Linux). You can also drag'n'drop it from the browser.

    Paste playlist or channel link
  4. Add the whole playlist

    If you added the link to the video contained in playlist, click on Add Playlist icon. And all videos from playlist will be added and ready to download.

    Add all videos from playlist to download queue
  5. Begin download

    Simply click the Start all button to begin downloading all the videos from the playlist you just added.

    Download all videos from playlist

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