Download algorythms of YouTube to MP3 Converter.

YouTube to MP3 Converter supports downloading of audio track from YouTube videos by different algorithms. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Learn about them and choose the one which is suitable in your case.

TurboBoost mode


This download algorithm is really fast, up to 25x faster than Normal mode. It is a new feature of our YouTube to MP3 Converter. Allows you to download the highest available audio quality in seconds.

Boost mode


This mode means that program will detect an audio stream and download only it. This mode allows you to save the internet traffic and your time. Because, video stream takes up to 95% of HD video clips volume. This mode allows you to download high quality audio stream during comparable to download the whole clip in low quality. This mode is selected by default.

Normal mode


In this case program will download the whole video clip from YouTube. But, it supports downloading multiple streams. You can change this option at Network of Preferences. As a result, download speed will be greater. This mode is applicable if you have any issue while downloading using others algorithms.

At this moment the TurboBoost is a paid option. YouTube often makes changes to the operation of its servers. Because of this, it is difficult to maintain the app. And when we've found a way to implement this feature, we've decided to give something back to those who are willing to support us. At the same time, it will help us to maintain and develop our project. Meanwhile, the other options and features are free for use. We are not going to limit them and will continue making them better.

I'm ready to support and order the TurboBoost subscription.

Also, we have another software - YouTube Downloader. It's like YouTube to MP3 Converter, but it supports downloading videos. And TurboBoost option is enabled there by default. You will pay for it only once.