Version history of MediaHuman YouTube Downloader!


  • improved download from Facebook, more resolutions added
  • fixed download from,,
  • added support for video links from Bing search results
  • added confirmation dialog with timer before automatic close of the app
  • 'restart conversion' feature changed to 'reset', it resets status without starting to download
  • minor fixes and improvements


  • [CRITICAL] fixed error No suitable streams found during parsing [0 / 0 / 0]
  • fixed youtube autthorization
  • fixed Facebook download
  • improved loading of saved list on startup


  • imporved support of some YouTube playlists
  • proper detection of paid Premium YouTube videos
  • fixed tracking of playlist that have been deleted
  • added supoprt of some kind of Bandcamp albums
  • some fixes and improvements


  • added support of Dailymotion playlists
  • added sorting and search in Tracking
  • improved stability of download
  • improved loading of large lists


  • fixed error "last message repeated"
  • improved options for Tracking
  • saving settings for Tracking after adding


  • added support for multiple playlist and channel tracking (experimental)
  • added support for selection of multiple items
  • added advanced tag editor (works with multiselection)
  • added support for downloading of Vimeo albums including password protected
  • fixed download from Dailymotion
  • improved download from YouTube
  • some user interface changes
  • fixed some things under the hood


  • [CRITICAL] fixed error No suitable streams found during parsing [0 / 0 / 0]


  • addes support of YouTube search link
  • added support of IndieShuffle playlist
  • added support of Discogs (adding videos from release/artist pages)
  • fixed downloading from Vimeo
  • fixed problem with manual update function


  • improved performance of handling large playlists
  • fixed downloading of some types of videos
  • [mac] added Esc shortcut for exiting from full screen mode
  • [win] added Ctrl-, shortcut for opening Preferences
  • added Ctrl/Cmd-J shortcut for opening output folder
  • improved overall performance and stability
  • several minor bugs fixed


  • improved Facebook authorization
  • added 'skipped' to filter panel
  • added support for 2K and 4K Dailymotion videos
  • added 'open in browser' to context menu for failed items
  • corrected behaviour of 'auto add from clipboard' to filter not links content
  • added option 'expand playlist automatically' in Preferences
  • added ItemID tag in output filename template


  • fixed problem with SoundCloud downloading
  • added support for downloading password-protected Vimeo videos


  • added "skip downloading if file exists" option in Preferences
  • fixed problem with low-res covers for YouTube
  • fixed problem with adding index numbers to filenames


  • improved YouTube and Facebook downloading speed
  • fixed error YouTube server replied: Invalid parameters error
  • fixed a few minor visual glitches
  • fixed Soundcloud download error 401
  • fixed infinite loading info bug


  • [CRITICAL] fixed error YouTube server replied: Invalid parameters
  • fixed a few minor visual glitches


  • added support of YouTube feeds: subscriptions, recommended, history and trending
  • added support of (Odnoklassniki)
  • added feature to save previously edited tags and suggest them
  • fixed problem with downloading from Dailymotion
  • fixed some issues with 2-step YouTube authorization
  • fixed problem with reset of changed cover art
  • fixed a few minor visual glitches


  • fixed downloading from SoundCloud
  • fixed downloading from Bandcamp
  • fixed 2-step authorization in Facebook
  • increased conversion speed to MP3
  • fixed appearance in high contrast mode
  • minor interface improvements
  • some bugs fixed


  • fixed downloading from Soundcloud
  • fixed downloading from Mixcloud


  • fixed authorization for YouTube
  • fixed downloading from Mixcloud
  • added option to expand playlist automatically after adding
  • corrected displaying of progress


  • fixed download from Vevo
  • fixed incorrect download from Soundcloud (output file is empty)
  • improved download from YouTube


  • added option to remove emoji from tags
  • added "Stop waiting only"
  • [macOS] fixed full screen
  • fixed extraction of playlist title
  • fixed YouTube authorization
  • fixed problem with empty tags after editionv
  • fixed placing in subfolder named as playlist title


  • improved overall performance
  • decreased memory usage
  • fixed disappearing menu bar on Mac OS
  • fixed downloading from Facebook
  • increased download speed from Soundcloud


  • fixed downloading of some Vimeo videos
  • fixed 2-step authorization for Facebook
  • fixed downloading from Vevo
  • fixed low quality of cover art for YouTube


  • fixed SoundCloud downloading (error 401)
  • fixed YouTube parsing bug, app fails to download
  • fixed Facebook downloading issue (Failed to query info)


  • fixed YouTube parsing bug, app got stuck on Loading info message
  • fixed Soundcloud downloading issue (Failed to query info)


  • fixed download issue after waking from sleep (Failed to query info)
  • fixed auto download feature for playlists
  • several minor bugs fixed
  • added some interface tweaks


  • fixed downloading from Mixcloud and Facebook
  • improved downloading from Soundcloud
  • fixed adding of some YouTube playlists
  • fixed update of tracked playlist on program's start


  • fixed problem with Soundcloud, Dailymotion and VK
  • added option to remove emoji symbols from filename
  • fixed deleting files after iTunes import


  • added support of shared YouTube links
  • added support of password protected Vimeo videos
  • fixed problem with YouTube authorization
  • fixed cover art search
  • fixed adding of private playlists
  • fixed crashes on writing tags
  • improved stability

Version 3.9.8

  • fixed problem with loading information for large list
  • fixed problem with low quality of artwork

Version 3.9.7

  • added Mixcloud support
  • improved downloading from YouTube
  • a lot of improvements

Version 3.8.4

  • fixed problem with downloading from Vimeo
  • fixed problem with loading of some YouTube playlists
  • fixed behaviour of "place in subfolder named as playlist title" option

Version 3.8.3

  • fixed problem with downloading from Dailymotion, Bandcamp, Vimeo

Version 3.8.2

  • fixed problem with downloading from Souncloud and Dailymotion

Version 3.8.1

  • fixed problem with downloading of YouTube playlists and channels
  • improved authorization for YouTube
  • fixed downloading from Facebook
  • optimized for large playlists

Version 3.7.8

  • fixed problem with downloading of YouTube videos

Version 3.7.7

  • fixed problem with YouTube channels
  • improved authorzation in YouTube
  • fixed download from
  • minor improvements

Version 3.7.5

  • fixed problem of adding YouTube channels

Version 3.7.4

  • added option for output filname template
  • fixed errors of downloading

Version 3.7

  • added option to place downloaded videos from the playlist in separate subfolder (named by playlist's title)
  • similar option for importing into iTunes
  • added option "stay on top"
  • added option "play sound" on completion
  • added option "add new videos to end/top of list"
  • added option to prevent sleeping during download
  • fixed problem with adding of some YouTube playlists
  • fixed problem with crash on adding video which in list already
  • fixed problem with saving to file with unicode characters

Version 3.6.4

  • added support of Bandcamp
  • added support of Facebook video
  • added support of video from
  • added support of HypeMachine
  • added option to add videos from tracked playlist
  • added option to prevent sleep while downloading
  • fixed cover art for Soundcloud
  • added support of playlists and users for Soundcloud
  • other improvements

Version 3.5.3

    -fixed download from YouTube -fixed download from Vimeo

Version 3.4.7

  • added support of YouTube collections
  • added support of Vimeo channels
  • improved adding of YouTube playlists

Version 3.4.5

  • improved download speed and stability
  • added option to save upload date as year tag

Version 3.4.2

  • download has been improved
  • added feature for tracking playlist
  • fixed conversion to high bitrates for M4A
  • fixed adding of YouTube channels
  • fixed cover art search
  • fixed progress calculation
  • fixed Vimeo download

Version 3.2.8

  • added support of Soundcloud
  • fixed search for cover art
  • improved stability

Version 3.2.5

  • added support of Dailymotion and
  • added fast switch for "add video/music to iTunes" option to bottom bar
  • [mac] added option to select appearence in dock/menubar/both of them
  • [win] added option "close to tray"
  • fixed saving of CBR/VBR selection for music output
  • added Latvian language

Version 3.2.2

  • fixed problem with video conversion
  • minor improvements

Version 3.2

  • optimized load of large playlist
  • added filter panel to filter videos by states
  • fixed downloading of 1080p and 4K videos
  • "Clear" action removes videos in compliance with currently selected filter
  • improvements for Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks)

Version 3.1

  • added feature to keep download history to avoid duplicates
  • added browser integration
  • added Polish language
  • added Vietnamese language

Version 3.0

  • update for recent YouTube changes
  • added Croatian language
  • added Portuguese (Brazil) language
  • corrected importing to iTunes
  • added option to change editable tag for audio
  • output file name is generated by artist and title tags
  • added TurboBoost for audio download

Version 2.2.5

  • minor interface changes

Version 2.2.4

  • CRITICAL UPDATE fixed "no streams found" issue

Version 2.2

  • improved downloading from YouTube
  • added support of MP3 VBR
  • added option to remove completed automatically
  • added support of MP3 VBR
  • added proxy support
  • added support of user's favorites playlist
  • added support of user's uploaded playlist
  • added feature to start playback of completed clip by double click
  • added button to swap artist and title quickly
  • added quick swith for slow download mode (snail mode)
  • notifications has been optimized
  • fixed adding to iTunes
  • fixed download limitations

Version 2.0.1

  • fixed adding of large playlists
  • corrected displaying of error

Version 2.0

  • redesigned interface
  • added option to save in audio format
  • added support of YouTube playlists
  • added support of URL shortcut services (like,
  • improved process of downloading from YouTube
  • and many improvements and fixes

Version 1.1

  • added notifications
  • some fixes

Version 1.0.2

  • fixed problem with changes on YouTube site causing "can't find compatible format from priority list" error message

Version 1.0

  • initial release