User interface in details

Brief description of the main user interface controls, indicators and features.

The screenshots were taken using the Mac version of the program, but on Windows and Linux the application looks almost the same.

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Main window

Main window interface elements of YouTube Downloader explained
  1. Paste link button

    Use this button to paste the link you want to download, alternatively you can press +V on Mac or Ctrl+V on the PC keyboard. If you paste a playlist link by clicking this button while holding the Alt key, then the app will expand the playlist automatically

  2. Tracking button

    It opens the Tracking dialog where you can manage your playlist or channel subscriptions.

  3. Start all button

    Starts downloading all items in the download list. You can change the number of simultaneous downloads in the Preferences.

  4. Remove button

    Immediately removes the selected item from the download list (if the video is already downloaded, it will not affect the file).

  5. Tag editor

    You can edit the most used tags here before a track is downloaded. You can also edit tags of multiple tracks at once.

  6. Start button

    Starts downloading the selected track.

  7. Cover art editor

    Pops up a dialog where you can change the found artwork to the one you like.

  8. Locate button

    Opens the default file browser in the location of the downloaded file.

  9. Right-click menu

    Right-click on any track or several selected tracks to get a menu with additional functions.

  10. Status bar

    It has some more options and indicators and will be explained below.

  11. Filter panel

    You can filter downloads by state, you can activate this in the Options menu, see below.

  12. Audio/Video switch

    YouTube Downloader can download both audio streams and videos entirely, use this switch to choose what you want. There is also a global switch on the main toolbar.

  13. Resolution list

    Select the desired quality from this list, you can also set some defaults in Settings.

  14. Default format

    This displays the current output format that will be used for all downloads.

Status bar

Status bar elements of YouTube Downloader explained
  1. Clear

    Clean up the download list by removing completed downloads or wipe it completely by choosing Clear

  2. Options

    Easy way to access application preferences and some of the most used options

  3. iTunes/ export switch

    It turns blue when iTunes export is enabled

  4. Speed limit switch

    It turns blue when the speed limit mode is enabled. Can be configured in Preferences -> Download

  5. What to do after all downloads are finished

    Turns blue if something instead of 'Do nothing' is selected

  6. Tracking

    Quick access to 'Add new videos' function from the Tracking feature

  7. Help

    About dialog can be found here, and it also displays some links to tutorials when they are available

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