Automatically download new videos of a playlist/channel

If you have a favorite YouTube channel, then I bet you often wonder – it would be nice to automatically download all fresh videos from it. That's why we added a new function to our application – Tracking. It's something like RSS but for YouTube videos. You select a playlist or channel you want to track, set an update interval and that's it. All recently uploaded videos will be downloaded straight to your hard drive.

Download for other platforms

  1. Copy the link

    Open your favorite internet browser and navigate to the YouTube channel or playlist you want to track, then copy the link to it into the clipboard.

    Copy the channel link
  2. Paste the link into the app

    Paste the link into an appropriate field and click the Load button. The program will download all necessary information about the channel.

    Paste the link into YouTube Downloader
  3. Select additional options

    Now you can configure additional options, such as automatic adding to the download queue, changing the destination folder, specifying the playlist and update interval. On the picture below we selected the adding option, so all new tracks will be automatically added to the download queue upon next check. You can also select save as audio option to save only audio stream, it's useful for podcasts, audio books and of course music.

    Set additional tracking options
  4. Start tracking

    Click the Track button to subscribe to all future updates of this channel.

  5. Done!

    The status bar icon displays that the channel tracking function is active. The icon will turn red if the program finds new videos. You can also refresh channel information manually using the menu item Update now.

    Channel tracking indicator
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