How to download Rumble videos

Rumble was created back in 2013 and is still quite a popular resource. As the Wiki says, "Rumble promotes itself as being "immune to cancel culture." Because of the famous events of 2019 and widespread censorship, Rumble has become an even more popular video hosting site with more than 44 million monthly visitors.

This guide has been written using the Mac version of the program, but the steps for Windows and Linux are the same.

Download for other platforms

  1. Find the video you want

    Launch your favorite browser and go to Most modern video bloggers have their official rumble channel, so go there. Select the video and copy the link to the clipboard.

    Select a video on Rumble and copy its link
  2. Paste the link

    Launch YouTube Downloader and press the Paste link button, or press Ctrl+V on PC or +V on Mac. The video will be added to the list and the program will start downloading information about it.

    Paste that link into the app
  3. Choose a format

    You can choose the format in which the program will save the downloaded video. We recommend that you use Original MP4, in this case the file is downloaded much faster without additional conversion and in the best quality.

    Choose some format settings
  4. Start

    To download a particular clip, click the Start button next to it. To start all the clips in the list, click Start All on the toolbar.

    Star downloading Rumble videos
  5. Complete

    Perfect, all the Rumble videos have been downloaded to your computer. Click the Locate button to open the folder with the downloaded files.

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