Converting video files

There are so many video formats today, and some players do not support all of them out of the box. While some formats are definitely more popular than others, any user sooner or later faced with the need to convert some video file to another format. This could be converting of a camera video to publish it then on YouTube, or changing a Full HD TV series episode to a more lightweight format to play on a mobile phone or a tablet. If you faced with this problem too – try our free video converter and enjoy simple and efficient converting it offers.

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  1. First steps

    First of all, download, install and execute MediaHuman Video Converter, if you haven’t done this before.

  2. Select a video to convert

    Add a file you need to convert. There are several ways to do this: click the Add button and select the file from the list; drag and drop the required video file to the converter’s window. Mac OS X users can also drag the file to the dock icon of the application.

    Add video file you want to convert
  3. Select a format

    Set the conversion format by clicking the format button on the toolbar and selecting the desired output option from the list. You can settle on one of the pre-defined settings already optimized for certain devices, or create a custom configuration.

  4. Choose output format
  5. Choose where to save

    By default, files are saved to the Converted by MediaHuman folder in the Video folder. You can change this in the Preferences.

  6. Run!

    Run conversion by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar. To stop the process click it again.

    Start video conversion
  7. The process

    Depending on the performance of your computer, the size of the source file and selected conversion parameters, the process may take some time to complete.

    Wait for the end of the conversion process
  8. Completed

    Now, as converting is completed, click the Locate button to open the folder where the converted file is.

    Your file is converted and ready to use
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