Why to use MediaHuman?

It's not a secret that on YouTube you can find a lot of new and interesting things, that you can find nowhere else. And very often there is a situation when you found an interesting video or video with soundtrack to a new movie. And you need to save it to listen on other device or save it in your music library. In such cases, you do not need video, just audio track from it. To solve this problem, you need YouTube to MP3 Converter.

In Internet you can find a lot of programs of this type. And also there are sites that offer to download mp3 from YouTube. Choose what is more convenient to you.

We offer you an alternative - MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter. This program supports Windows and Mac OS X.

Download for other platforms

So why it is worth paying attention to it.

To begin with, the interface is very simple and pleasant. You can quickly get used to it and start saving music from YouTube. The program offers a lot of options for adding YouTube videos for download. Just select the one that suits you. For example, you can set up the program in such a way that you should only copy the link to the video you like. And the program will automatically recognize it and start downloading. On completion the song will be added to the playlist selected in iTunes.

This brings us to another handy feature - the program supports iTunes and adding to its library. Not a single online service offer you such a function. Another difference from online services is speed. Using a separate program means that the performance and speed of your Internet connection will be used maximum. In addition, MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter supports downloading multiple videos simultaneously, which also increases greatly the speed.

Besides adding videos from YouTube one after another you can add playlist from YouTube. Also it supports url shortening services, like t.co. For example, such links are often used in a Twitter. It means that it will be easy to save video link from Twitter as MP3.

The program contains a lo of useful functions. But the most important is that it is free. There are no extra paid features. Everything is included in the free version.

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